Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy describes how Maewkhoo collects and uses Personal Data about you through out the Website, and through email, text, and other electronic communications between you and Maewkhoo Co., Ltd.

Maewkhoo Co., Ltd. (“Maewkhoo,” “we,” “us,” “our,” or “Company”) respect your privacyand are committed to protecting it through our compliance with this policy.

We only collects your personal data that includes name, surname, address, email, phone number, as necessary to carry out the operation under Company’s objectives. Financial data and information such as credit card number and CVV will not be collected.

Our company uses your personal data within the extent of data protection law, and collects only necessary information as follows:
• For the benefit of procuring or distributing products, providing or receiving services in various forms
• For financial and tax transactions related to the Company’s contractual performance.
• Study or research
• For the benefit of creating database for analysis, and offering any service or product of the Company or any person who is distributor, agent or has connection with the Company
• For the benefit of improving the quality of operation, services and operation related to the Company’s business.
• For analysis and tracking of the use of services available on website, and for the purpose of retrospective review in case of usage problems
• For participation in the Company’s activities
• For access control and security of the Company’s studio, showroom, space inside the building, and premises
• For compliance with the law or regulations applicable to the Company at present and in the future

The Company may use more than one lawful basis for processing personal data depending on the purposes for each activity that uses your personal data.

If you would like to send a request to delete, disclose, update the personal data you store or inquire further about the privacy policy, please contact us at

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